Comprehensive services for management, accounting, and tax

We provide incorporation support, financial and management consulting, and BPO services in addition to accounting and tax services. Our services are available for Japanaese subsidiaries of foreing companies and companies founded by non Japanese speakers.

Startup Support

Incorporations that have the necessary conditions can apply for a subsidy. We are government certified as an Organization Supporting Management Innovation, and as such, we provide assistance to small and medium sized companies wanting to apply for subsidies. Our CPAs are authorized to prepare and submit registration documents on behalf of our clients. We provide accounting outsourcing services for startups and small-sized corporations, as well as help our clients with office regulations and support shifts from outsourced to in-house accounting.

BPO Services

We visit our clients monthly and check daily accounting including tax documentation. We also provide payroll calculation outsourcing service. Financial consulting, budget management, and cash management services are available on demand.

Tax and accounting services

We visit our clients every month and ensure their tax and accounting processes. We provide tax reports for both corporate tax and sales tax within two to three months of the end of fiscal year. If clients have tax audit investigations, we will assist in providing all explanations and attending all meetings. In addition to taxation services, we provide accounting and payroll calculation services. We will check accounting transactions and calculate social insurance on a monthly basis, as well as prepare financial statements.

Consulting services

We provide M&A consulting, stock valuation, financial due diligence services as well as financial consulting and cash management.

M&A consulting M&We assist both sides of M&A transactions. On the acquiring side, we help our clients in selecting companies to acquire; valuing the companies; and raising adequate capital. On the aquired side, we help our clients by providing stock valuation services as wells as negotiate the aquisition pricing.
M&A consulting With M&A or business succession, we assist in valuing stock, which does not have a market price.
Financial Due Diligence With business turnaround or M&A, we conduct financial due diligence to find out financial issues and to grasp the full financial situation.
Management indicators We inform clients of their management situation by providing several management indicators and comparing their current idicators against past performance, their competitors, and thei r forecasted budgets.
Budget management We support budget compilation and provide monthly checks.
Financial advice We provide consultation in matters of our clients’ financing and their financial improvement.
Cash Management We support the long-term vitality of our clients’ finances with cash management and financial soundness analysis.
Cash flow analysis We analyze each clients’ finances using cash flow statements to understand how they have generated cash from their businesses. We also help clients improve cash management.
Management consulting We assist our clients’ development of corporate strategies to improve their management, resource allocation, and product mix.